General Questions and Answers 

How much does it cost to play football?

The cost for Flag and Tackle Players is $200.00 there is also a fundraiser or $150 buyout.

Are scholarships available?

Yes, but on a very limited basis. The forms are available from the booster club treasurer. The scholarship will cover the $175 registration fee, however you will be responsible for participating in the fundraiser.

What is provided by the club?

Each football player is provided with a helmet, practice pants, practice jersey, pads, game pants, game socks, and a Game Jersey with players name and number on it. The player keeps the Game Jersey, socks and mouthpiece. Players will have to provide their own cleats. A refundable deposit of $250 is required before equipment is issued and will be returned once equipment is received in a reasonable wear & tear condition at the end of the season.

When and where do the Redcats Practices?

The Redcats practice at Tomball Bus Barn. The practice days are set as Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, while game days are Saturday. Weekday practices are from 6:00-7:30 pm. Practice time will shift again towards the end of the season to accommodate daylight savings time.

When and where are games played?

Regular season games are played on Saturdays. The games are played in the Klein, Spring and Tomball ISD area. The AAYFDT league sets the schedule and more information on the field locations can be found on their website at aayfdt.org and under the game locations & the schedules tab on this page.

Who can play on the Redcats?

Teams are formed with players zoned (by home address) to attend Tomball Schools. The age requirement is 5-6 for flag football and 7-12 for tackle on September 1. CLIQUE HERE TO ACCESS THE 2023 AAYFDT ZONING LIST

When can we register to join?

Legacy (returning players from previous season) registration opens February 1st. New players to AAYFDT can register beginning March 1st

Can my child play down one level?


Can I move my child to the Redcats?

All players typically play in the area zoned to their home address. If you recently moved into a different zoned area you can simply request a transfer during registration.

What is the A.A.Y.F.D.T. refund policy?
  • Refunds of registration fees for participants who leave the program, for any reason, will be payable only under the following circumstances:
  • All requests for refunds must be submitted in writing, on the approval form, by no later than the second game of the regular season. Refund requests must be submitted to the Booster Club Treasurer.
  • All equipment or other items issued to the participant must be returned prior to the issuance of the refund check.

Refund amounts, based on length of participation, are as follows:

  • Prior to the first practice 90%
  • Prior to the first game 75%
  • Beginning of the first game No Refund
  • No refund will be issued on the fundraiser or buyout
  • Jerseys, uniforms or custom ordered items for the participant will be deducted from total refund

You can visit the A.A.Y.F.D.T. website for their complete rule book.

What happens if my player misses a practice?

This is a very common and important question. Missing practice one day in any week has no negative consequences.

Missing two practices in one week automatically disqualifies the player for that weeks game day. Missing two practices over two weeks also disqualifies that player from the following game.

What are the volunteer Positions that I can do to satisfy my volunteer hours?

Typically, volunteer time is used for games days and the following positions are required noted home or away games:

  • Announcer (Home only)
  • Spotter (Away only)
  • Monitor (observes that other team meets minimum play requirements) (Home & Away)
  • Observer (ensures the Redcats team meets the minimum play requirements) (Home & Away)
  • Photographer takes still photographs and delivers to Social Media Coordinator by Monday, post-game day. (Home & Away)
  • Concession Stand Attendant (Home only)
  • Water Steward Team (x2), brings, maintains and delivers water for delivery to the players on the field and sidelines, before and during the game. (Home & Away)
  • Down Marker Attendant (Home only)
  • Yard Marker (Chains) Attendants (X2) (Home only)
  • Videographer (Home & Away) 

In addition, any parent may petition the board with a Head Coach or Board Member request for acceptance of a position to satisfy the volunteer requirement.

If it’s raining, do we still have our practice or game?

The athletic director has a device that measures the distance from lightning strikes to the handheld device. If at any time a lightning strike is <8 miles away, he suspends practice for a minimum of 30 minutes from last strike inside the 8 mile radius. Practice and games are always considered playable until local officials determine, at the time of practice or game, whether or not it's safe to continue. A practice is considered "Officially Completed" after 30 minutes of activity. Any practice not bearing this designation is subject to makeup in its entirety during the week prior to the game. Makeup practices cannot be carried over to subsequent weeks after games.

Are there minimum or maximum weights for each Redcat team?

See the below table for weight limitations for each team:



Min*(lbs) 55

Max(lbs) 140


Min*(lbs) 60

Max(lbs) 150


Min*(lbs) 70

Max(lbs) 165


Min*(lbs) 80

No Max(lbs)

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